Every year we hold a weekend “Mini Symposium”. Between 6 to 8 tutors are invited to teach classes which may be for either one or two days. We have tutors from New Zealand and often Australia at these events. All classes are subsidized by the Guild and beginner to experienced quilters can take part. We organize a caterer to deliver pre-ordered brown bag lunches. Sometimes we hold a “Midnight Madness” in which a tutor is invited to teach a class from 5.30 pm until approximately 11.00 pm. It is hoped that one project is completed during this time. The cost of the class includes dinner. And last but certainly not least, from time to time, usually at 11.00 am as part of the meeting programme, we will have a “Gather Round”, where someone with a technique or something else to share will give a free and informal class to anyone interested. These are advertised in the Newsletter.

This year Kids Quilts in Titirangi have accepted the sponsorship of this whole category at Auckland Festival of Quilts and want to encourage entries from you all. So between us, we have made some changes to the category: This year each entry will be critiqued by the judges like all the other quilts in the show, so you will be able to see what you have done well and what you can work on. So come on Junior members, get your entries finished. And Kids Quilts – thank you very much for initiating this improvement.

Barrie Ashton, who spoke at Guild recently, has kindly allowed us to add her notes to our website so members can refer to the points she made. Metallic needle important for metallics, also thread stand will allow extra space to unspool without twisting or kinking. These needles have a bigger eye, deeper front grove. Metallic threads require lower tension to flow freely. Ricky Timms says why use matching thread for blanket stitch. All that work and it will be hidden – use contrasting or multi to add interest.

Thin thread in bobbin requires less frequent bobbin winding might need to check tension on bobbin. The quilter does not have to be a Guild member, but the quilt maker does. This award is to be made only for commercial computer-guided quilting using a system that allows the machine to move over the work. Work done on a system that requires the fabric to be moved under the needle is not eligible for this award. If there is a mix of hand-guided and computer-guided quilting on any one quilt then it is eligible for this award only.

Our visitors were treated to a kaleidoscope of rich colour and original design in the various categories ranging from large traditional bed quilts to exquisite wall hangings, textiles as art, and innovative pieces of mixed media. Our three judges, Helen Marshall, Clare Smith and Barbara Bilyard, (who stepped in as cover for Mieke Apps, who unfortunately had to withdraw at the last moment), took 12 hours to assess and evaluate the entries. They all commented on the high standard and originality of our member’s work which made their final choice of winners a difficult one.

Interesting quilt facts

Many people across the world are mesmerized by quilts. With their numerous color or pattern combinations, comfort and multiple purposes, they are truly unique objects in everyone’s homes. From table toppers to bed covers and pillows, there is no doubt that they contribute to your home décor and offer it a more family ambiance. Share your passion at Auckland Quilt Guild with like-minded people and get inspired by new ideas. Challenge your skills and express yourself in a great way.

Although it was spread on different lands throughout the course of history, the ancient civilizations in Egypt are considered its inventors. The Crusaders were responsible for its expansion in Europe in the 12th century then they were used as an undergarment for armors. Those made for decoration date back from the 14th century and the most famous one is the Tristan Quilt. Another old piece which was discovered in a Mongolian cave is found in Russia.

The word “quilt” was first used in 1250 and comes from the Latin word used for mattress. The decorative items were pretty much common in the first years of the 1900s. Women spent a lot of time and sewed skirts, waistcoats, blankets and ornaments. By mid-century, the industry development led to various styles like patchworks, medallion ones and appliques. Do not get yourself busy only with things like talk-shows or a Live Sex Chat and discover the beauty of this hobby.

From pastel colors to dark prints, you will never get bored. Keep your family members warm in the winter days with the most special designs. Whether you have got your passion from your grandmother, or you have just discovered it, you will find it very relaxing. You can meditate and find inner peace while you hand stich your favorite layouts. Let your mind wander around and feel the serenity that not only yoga or a jog can offer you.

Quilts are a fantastic mean of expression just like paintings or photographs. You can hung them on the walls and show your state of mind through this form of art. They are also perfect as a social activity because you can meet new persons that love them in the same way as you do. Get advice and precious information about during shows and exhibitions. Enjoy the company of your new friends and keep up with the latest trends.

There are plenty occasions that request gifts such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays. Offer these items to your friends at their housewarming party and they will appreciate your homemade present. You can show them how much you care and create something exceptional they will never forget. From feminine to masculine prints, give your house the homely atmosphere and pack your family’s beds with the coziest bed coverlets. They are not only good-looking but they also last a long time.

Quilts are a wonderful pastime for everyone who needs some recreation from the daily stress in their lives. You can express your creative side and get the sense of achievement at the end of the process. Discover new methods that will challenge your abilities and stimulate your mind when you stich your own pattern. From the time they were invented until nowadays, many individuals have seen in them art. Share your love for quilts and have fun!