Our junior members (under 15 years old) can attend free classes from 10.30am to 12.30pm on each Guild meeting day. They are guided by an experienced quilter and her helpers to learn and enjoy patchwork and quilting. Kids, you just need to bring along your fabrics and ideas to join us you are encouraged to make your own choices. Most of the work is using sewing machines, so when you can be confident of using a sewing machine, come along.

For an application form, phone Gillian Rodger on 09 419 9483., or come along to our next Guild meeting and see the fund committee to discuss ideas and get advice or help with your application. Successful applicants will be required to acknowledge the Quilt Auckland Trust Fund, and to offer in return some benefit for other quilters to share. There is an honesty box to collect fines of 20c per item per month, with all funds being used for stationery or books for the library.

New books can be reserved by writing your name on the 'reserve' card clipped to the front. We like these to remain on view until half an hour before the meeting time, when - if you are top of the list - you can take the book out. For all other than brand-new books, if your name is at the top of the reserve list, you can take the book out at any time during the morning. At midday we put a reminder call out for everyone first on the list to collect their reserves; at 12:15pm issues are open to anyone whether their name is on the reserve card or not. We lend up to five books and seven magazines at a time, but don’t usually count as we have such a great stock. If you are not able to return your books by the date due, please email or phone one of the librarians with the catalogue number of the item and your membership number, or ask a friend to return them for you.